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Cole, Rex, Jr. Rex Cole, Jr. was created by “Gordon Chapman,” the pseudonym of Allan Ullman, and appeared in the two-book “Rex Cole, Jr. Detective Stories” series, Rex Cole, Jr. and the Crystal Clue (1931) and concluding with Rex Cole, Jr. and the Grinning Ghost (1931).

Rex Cole, Jr. is an Occult Detective whose cases turn out to be hoaxes, with Cole apprehending the evil men who create scenarios, including a cursed Indian ruby, to scare and fool ordinary men and women. Though a teenager, Cole is too clever for these criminals. He is a strapping young man, with "steel grey eyes," a "straight, aquiline nose," a strong mouth and chin, and curly chestnut hair. He is avid to solve crimes, and thrusts himself into investigations which under normal circumstances would be the province of adults alone. After his first case Cole becomes famous, " a youth of great ability and initiative," and even Scotland Yard is impressed by him, enough so that they sent a special investigator to obtain his help when a valuable Indian ruby is threatened with theft. Cole is the son of Mayor Rex Cole of Hilton, Illinois. Rex's best friend is "Butterball" Thomas, his "greatest intimate" and a stereotype of fat boys everywhere, down to his clumsiness.

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