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Clavering, Winthrop. Winthrop Clavering was created by Robert M. Baker and John Emerson and appeared in the film The Flying Torpedo (1916).

Bartholomew Thompson is a poor inventor who is funded by his friend Winthrop Clavering, a wealthy and successful mystery writer. With Clavering’s financial help Thompson invents a radio-controlled "flying torpedo" (essentially a guided missile). Unfortunately for Thompson, he has been observed all the while by "enemy agents" (under the direction of the "Chief of International Crooks"), and when Thompson has perfected the flying torpedo, the agents steal it. Clavering goes after the spies, aided by his Swedish servant Hulda and making use of the detection methods that he puts in his own novels. The spies capture Clavering, but Hulda alerts the police and they swoop in and arrest everyone. But at that moment an “army” of Yellow Peril "yellow men from the East" invade America's Pacific coast. The U.S. Army buys the flying torpedo from Thompson and mass produce it, and use them to destroy the invaders and drive them back to their boats.

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