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Clare, Mr. Mr. Clare was created by Lowell Howard Morrow and appeared in “The Air Terror” (Air Wonder Stories, Sept. 1929) and “The Blue Demon” (Air Wonder Stories, Dec. 1929).

Mr. Clare is a retired Air Force pilot who has created a technologically advanced plane and is trying to sell it to the United States War Department. But the American government refuses to buy the plane and ridicules Clare and his fancy notions. Clare swears revenge and steals $12K and a plane and builds his superplane in a secret location. He begins committing robberies as the Air Master, using the VTOL capabilities of his plane to make quick getaways. Eventually he has regrets and decides to return the $12K he stole to build the plane. But he fumbles the return and barely escapes. Then he learns that an inimical foreign power (not named in the story) is about to declare war on America, and that the enemy’s planes are better and more numerous than the American Air Force’s. Clare fights the enemy on his own but in the last battle he is wounded and crashes his plane. He is pardoned and supervises the building of a fleet of his superplanes. In the sequel he fights Yellow Peril Indians and their technologically-advanced planes.

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