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Carfew, Felix. Felix Carfew was created by Edgar Wallace (Ace High, Viola Beech, Brigand, Wireless Bryce, Dixon, Elegant Edward, Inspector Elk, Educated Evans, Four Square Jane, Dixon Hawke, Heine, Felix Jenks, Just Men, King Kong (I), Larry Loman, Superintendent Minter, Policy Sleuth, Oliver Rater, John G. Reeder, The Ringer, Sanders, York Symon, Tam o’the Scoots, Inspector Wade, Kate Westhanger) and appeared in eleven stories in The Windsor Magazine from 1911 to 1914, beginning with “Carfew II” (The Windsor Magazine, Nov. 1911).

Felix Carfew is a rising young journalist in London who often finds himself in unusual circumstances. He is not quite bright enough to know when a trio of swindlers are playing on his vanity, thus requiring amiable street peeler T.B. Smith to rescue him, but Carfew is canny enough to know when to drop cryptic hints to a possibly crooked millionaire, thus prompting the millionaire to pay Carfew to remain silent about a matter that Carfew knows nothing of.

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