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Cardigan, Jack. Jack Cardigan was created by Frederick Nebel (Torchy Blane, Sgt. Brinkhaus, Donny Donahue, Drifting Kid, Steve MacBride, Gales & McGill, Gwenn McKay, Corporal Tyson) and appeared in forty-four stories in Dime Detective from 1931 to 1937, beginning with "Death Alley" (Dime Detective, Nov. 1931).

Jack Cardigan is a smart, tough operative of the Cosmos Detective Agency. He is a hard man in a bad world, and is Irish, rude, proud, street-wise, and clever. He is not a neat dresser and is usually rumpled or even wearing clothes that he has slept in. He drinks too much. And he is not overly intelligent. But he is persistent, very tough, good with his guns, and a thorough-going professional. Cardigan works in a number of the offices of the Cosmos Agency, from New England to San Francisco and many points between. He is assisted by Patricia Seaward, an attractive and capable operative for the Cosmos Agency with whom Cardigan carries on an interesting (though never consummated) flirtation.

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