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Captain Montana. Captain Montana was created by “Julian Linley,” the pseudonym of Alec G. Pearson (El Caballero, Stanley Dare, Doctor Duval, Frank Ferret, Royston Gower, Dr. Messina, Dr. Nevada) and appeared in twenty-two stories in Chums in 1907 and 1908, beginning with “Captain Montana: A Story of Peril and Adventure in Northern Mexico” (Chums, Nov. 20, 1907).

Captain Montana is a Gentleman Bandit Wanted Man. An Englishman wanted for a crime he did not commit, “Montana” has exiled himself to the western frontier of the United States in the years after the American Civil War. There and in Mexico he has a variety of adventures, robbing from the rich, giving to the poor, helping maidens in peril, finding Aztec treasure, and making sure that Mexican rebels against the French Emperor get guns, among other things. Eventually Montana returns to England, fights against foreign anarchists and nihilists, and manages to clear his name.

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