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Captain Mesquite. Captain Mesquite was created by Tom Curry (Francis DeVrite, George Devrite, Daniel Harwin, Mac Macnamara, Rio Kid) and appeared in eight novels from 1941 to 1947, beginning with Captain Mesquite.

Captain Mesquite is a Killer Vigilante. Steve Austin returns home to Texas from the Civil War after having served for four years in the cavalry, working as General George Custer’s “best aide, running messages through enemy territory and making contacts during battle.” Austin is fearless; “he was a man who had made friends with danger, and it was tonic to him.” But when he returns to the family home along the Rio Grande, he discovers that a vicious gang of criminals led by the Eagle have killed not just Austin’s parents but the families of all of Austin’s friends. Austin, going by the name of “Captain Mesquite,” takes bloody vengeance on all of them, and then continues adventuring (often in the presence of General Custer) across the American Southwest.

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