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Campbell, Angus. Angus Campbell was created by “Max Brand,” the pseudonym of Frederick Faust (Dan Barry, Blackie & Red, Border Bandit, Dave Clovelly, Jim Curry, Ronicky Doone, Firebrand (I), James Geraldi, Anthony Hamilton, Bull Hunter, Kid Montana, Doctor Kildare, King Charlie, Reata, Red Hawk, Silvertip (II), Thunder Moon), and appeared in the story serial “Seven Faces” (Detective Fiction Weekly, Oct-Nov 1936) and Murder Me! (1936). 

Angus Campbell is a dour, methodical Scottish-American policeman in New York City; his partner Patrick O’Rourke is a ebullient, cigar-smoking Irish-American. Both are ethnic stereotypes, and the series spends as much time mocking them and their bickering as it does following them solve crimes.

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