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Calafaia, Herculano. Herculano Calafaia was created by the Portuguese author Reinaldo Ferreira (Dr. Duque, Gil Goes, Jim-Joyce, João of Portugal, Juca, Kiá, John Nobody, João Roxo, Ralph Williamson) and appeared in a number of stories in ABC in 1929 and 1930, beginning with “O Baralho das Cartas Falsas” (ABC, Nov. 1929); the stories were collected in Memórias Extraordinárias do Major Calafaia (1945).

Major Herculano Calafaia is a Spanish gentleman adventurer who solves crimes “for a whim, for a love of justice, and for the seduction of a mystery.” Calafaia is middle-aged, blond, athletic, and cultured. He is active across Europe and Asia, and began adventuring in 1903. He appears in stories with titles like “The Mysteries of Macao,” “The Sinister Street,” and “The Crazy Ballerina.”

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