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Burton, Tug. Tug Burton was created by Galen Colin (Storm King, Lazy Lucas, Lum Yates) and appeared in a number of stories in The Lone Ranger Magazine in 1937 and 1938, beginning with “Sidewinder’s Fangs” (The Lone Ranger Magazine, Oct. 1937).

Tug Burton is an older ranch hand in the American southwest in the years after the Civil War. “Old Tug Burton was a curly wolf—once. But that was before age had slowed him down, and rheumatism had twisted his hands into gnarled knobs. Forty years on the boot of a stage, hazing an eight-horse team through howling blizzard and blistering sun, through driving rain and blasting sand-storm, takes something of speed and suppleness out of a man.” Now he is forced to rely on guile and viciousness to take down whatever bad guys threaten him or his nephew Button.

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