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Burke, Denis (I). Denis Burke (I) was created by H. Bedford-Jones (John Bradford, James Bronson, Denis Burke (II), Burket & O’Neill, Peter J. Clancy, Dick Clews, Cosgrave & Lundgren, Crawford, Riley Dillon, Colin Haig, Pinky Jenkins, Jungle Girl, Tertius March, Say-and-See Smith, John Solomon, Strato-Shooters, Hugh Tyrone) and appeared in “The Royal Vagabond” (People’s Favorite Magazine, Apr-Nov. 1916).

Denis Burke (I) is an Irish mercenary. He’s descended from “Queen Granuaile and the Sea Burkes, chief of the O’Malleys,” and is proud of his bloodline: “Please remember that I’m not a beggarly ruffian whom you can hire for any dirty work you happen to have on hand. I’m a soldier of fortune, and I need money; but by the scepter o’Granuaile, it must be clean! That’s all. I’ll stab no man in the back.” He used to be a general in the Brazilian army, and commanded an irregular force of Italians and Spaniards in Brazil and Argentina. “His blue eyes, with their blue-black brows and lashes, were midway between mirth and recklessness. They were the typical west-coast Irish eyes. They were the eyes of a man who would gayly laugh his way into hell, or who would as gayly fight his way out of hell. Denis Theabod Burke had done both.”

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