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Bunt, Joe. Joe Bunt was created by Laurence Donovan (Pa Howdy, Wildcat Martin, Boxcar Reilly) and appeared in ten stories in Popular Detective, Private Detective Stories, and Super-Detective from 1942 to 1947, beginning with “Haircut to Murder” (Popular Detective, Feb. 1942).

“Little” Joe Bunt, the “Mad Barber,” is a Greenwich Village hair-cutter by day and a crime-solver by night. He is “widely known as ‘the Mad Barber of Greenwich Village.”

“Haircuts to Fit Any Face.” Diminutive Joe Bunt had made that sign famous. But though he was an artist with shears and razors, he was much more than that. With his penchant for sleuthing, this five-foot, one-hundred pound barber had stirred up more trouble than any ten of the biggest detectives in the Greenwich Village precincts.

Bunt’s sweetheart is Della Corcoran.

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