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Bungalow Boys. The Bungalow Boys were created by “Dexter J. Forrester,” the pseudonym of John H. Goldfrap (Border Boys, Boy Aviators, Dreadnought Boys, Motor Cycle Chums, Motor Rangers, Ocean Wireless Boys), and appeared in the six-novel “Bungalow Boys” series, beginning with The Bungalow Boys (1911) and ending with The Bungalow Boys North of Fifty-Three (1914).

Tom and Jack Dacre are a pair of teenagers who are orphaned. They inherit a bungalow in Maine from their uncle, who is lost at sea. The Dacres, and three of their school chums, go to Maine to camp at the bungalow, and this leads them to a series of adventures, from the Caribbean to the Yukon. They fight Chinese smugglers, they fight pirates on the Great Lakes, and they search for sunken Spanish treasure.

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