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Buffalo, Jim. Jim Buffalo appeared in the German dime novel Jim Buffalo, Der Mann mit der Teufelsmaschine #1-29 (1922-1923).

“Jim Buffalo” is Horst Radichow, a German laborer in love with Ruth, the daughter of the entrepreneur for whom Radichow works. Radichow and his father discover, buried beneath a mountain, the “Testament of Cagliostro.” Radichow uses this to create the “Devil Machine,” a black, cylindrical, six-wheeled vehicle which is armored, has a retractable roof, and is covered with paintings of devil faces. The Machine can act not only as automobile, airplane, and submarine, but can even travel in time. Radichow uses the Devil Machine to become “Jim Buffalo,” vigilante adventurer, rescuer of kidnaped maidens (like Ruth), and Killer Vigilante. Radichow attacks evil men and solves mysteries around the world, from India to the bottom of the ocean (where he finds a techno-utopian domed city) to Syria to San Francisco to the American prairie to rural Mexico to the swamps of Florida. Radichow also travels back in time, helping the Greeks at the Battle of Marathon and solving historical mysteries such as the fate of a lost Egyptian city. Radichow even meets and teams up with Baronet Duncan. Buffalo is a muscular, athletic man who is assisted by the older American police inspector Dufferin. Buffalo appears in stories with titles like “The Prairie Devil,” “The Runner of Marathon,” and “The Riddle of the Water Towers.”

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