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Buffalo Bill. The historical “Buffalo Bill,” William Frederick Cody (1846-1917), was a scout and buffalo hunter who lived the life of a frontiersman and cavalry guide for thirty years and the life of a showman, proprietor of his Wild West Show, and maintainer of his own legend for the next 41 years. A fictional version of Buffalo Bill appeared in over 500 stories in American dime novels, with hundreds more appearing in English and European magazines. In 1905 Buffalo Bill was the hero of the German Celebrity Pulp Buffalo Bill, der Held des Wilden Westerns #1-386 (1905-1912), beginning a decades-long career as the hero of pulps, gialli, story papers, and heftromanes in twenty languages.

The German Buffalo Bill is the quintessential German cowboy hero. His adventures take him across the United States and the Americas, and he fights Lost Race Aztecs, the skull of Montezuma (which has evil magical powers), evil Indians, evil American cowboys and Easterners. He encounters Lost Race “White Indians of the Yucatan” and fights Lost Race Aztec mummies. He teams up with the Chinese cowboy Lung Hi, Mercedes the Cowgirl, and the Gun Moll Dell Dauntless. He fights werewolves, the Yellow Peril “smuggler king” Wun Lung, Nihilists, "the Mephisto of the Prairies," and the Gentleman Bandit Gentleman Hank. He also makes various native friends and in general makes the world a better place. Buffalo Bill appears in stories like “The Pathfinder in the Land of the Dead,” “The Blizzard King,” and “The Red Bedouin.”

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