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Buell, Alan. Alan Buell was created by Otis Adelbert Kline (Dragoman, Ted Dustin, Robert Grandon, Jan of the Jungle, Bart Leslie, Tam) and appeared in “The Bride of Osiris” (Weird Tales, Aug-Oct 1927).

Alan Buell is enjoying a night out in Chicago with his fiancee, Doris Lee, when they are attacked by a strange man who knocks Buell out and kidnaps Lee. Buell gets the assistance of the police, in the person of the Irish detective Rafferty, and they find the car which was used to kidnap Lee. But Buell and Rafferty are attacked and knocked unconscious and taken to a vast cavern underneath Chicago. The cavern is made up to resemble ancient Egypt, albeit a technologically-advanced Egypt with air conditioning, artificial daylight, and electrical light. Doris Lee is intended to be Isis, the bride of the ruler, and Buell is intended to be Osiris, who will be sacrificed. Rafferty is made a slave, but he manages to find the former, deposed ruler of the cavern. They save Buell and arrange that the current ruler is sacrificed in Buell’s place. Lee, Rafferty, Buell, and a young woman who Rafferty saved escape into Lake Michigan in a small submarine, and the new ruler of the cavern blows it up.

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