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Brown, Vee. Vee Brown was created by Carroll John Daly (Marty Day, Satan Hall, Clay Holt, Terry Mack, Mr. Strang, Race Williams) and appeared in fourteen stories in Dime Detective and two novels from 1932 to 1936, beginning with “The Crime Machine” (Dime Detective, Jan. 1932).

Vee Brown is a private eye who is more violent than most of his counterparts (the body count in his stories is much higher than in many private detective stories of the time) and who is an extremely quick draw. Brown’s idiosyncrasy is that he not only cultured and wryly humorous, he is a successful writer of pop music songs who is known as "Master of Melodies." Brown lives in a lush Park Avenue penthouse and is a "small, almost delicate" man. Brown is assisted by an old friend, Dean, who worships Brown.

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