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Brooke, Stanley. Stanley Brooke was created by E. Phillips Oppenheim (Peter Benskin, General Besserley, Joseph P. Cray, John Dickens, Nicholas Goade, Malcolm Gossett, Peter Hames, B. Jasen, Gerald Jennerton, Algernon Knox, Ambrose Lavendale, John T. Laxworthy, Baroness Claire Linz, Joseph Londe, Mannister, Lucie Mott, Sanford Quest, Aaron Rodd, Peter Ruff, Monsieur Sabin, Michael Sayers, Jasper Slane) and appeared in eight stories in Munsey’s Magazine in 1913 and 1914, beginning with “The Rescue of Warren Tyrrwell” (Munsey’s Magazine, Dec. 1913).

The Honorable Stanley Brooke evolves over the course of the series, starting as a bumbling amateur detective and eventually becoming something of a Great Detective, though far more vulnerable than most of that class. Brooke is more of an action figure, more willing to use his revolver than Sherlock Holmes (and a better shot than Holmes). Brooke is also vulnerable to the attractions of Constance Robinson, a waspish young woman of intellect and beauty. Brooke helps save her life and then takes her into his newly-formed detective agency, where her official position is typist but her real activity is working as his partner. At series’ end she agrees to marry him after several stories of rejecting, coldly and not so coldly, his proposals.

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