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Bronson, James. James Bronson was created by H. Bedford-Jones (John Bradford, Denis Burke (I), Denis Burke (II), Burket & O’Neill, Peter J. Clancy, Dick Clews, Cosgrave & Lundgren, Crawford, Riley Dillon, Colin Haig, Pinky Jenkins, Jungle Girl, Tertius March, Say-and-See Smith, John Solomon, Strato-Shooters, Hugh Tyrone) and appeared in four stories in Weird Tales in 1940 and 1941, beginning with “The Artificial Honeymoon” (Weird Tales, July 1940).

James Bronson is a poor Canadian farm boy whose father had traveled to Ecuador and returned with a bottle filled with a liquid which the natives had used to produce dreams. Bronson tries it and discovers that, when taken, the liquid puts its user into a death-like slumber. Unfortunately, with Bronson’s naturally slow heartbeat, and his heart being on the wrong side of his chest, he appears to be dead when he takes the liquid. But peace, peace, he is not dead, he doth but sleep, and after a time he wakes up. Bronson is hired by Earl Carter, a sharp attorney who helps wealthy men elude the snares of the law (and, fortunately, all of Carter’s wealthy clients are innocent men cruelly oppressed by the heartless law). Carter puts Bronson to use in his cases.

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