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Brien, Albert. Albert Brien was created by the Canadian author Alexandre Huot (Guy Verchères) and appeared in “Les Aventures Policières d'Albert Brien, Détective National des Canadiens-Français” (Le Bavard, Mar. 1, 1941-?) and Les Aventures Policières d'Albert Brien, Détective National des Canadiens-Français #1-970+ (1944-1966).

Albert Brien is a hard-boiled Québécois private detective assisted in crime-fighting by his girlfriend Rosette. As the series progresses he ages, marries Rosette, and has a son Robert, who grows up to assist his father on cases. Some of Brien’s stories verge on the fantastic, as in “La Fille du Diable,” in which Brien and Rosette encounter a gang whose leader wears a red devil mask and calls himself “Le Diable.” He takes on costumed criminals with names like “the Black Spider” and “The Scorpion,” murderous native Canadians who tomahawk their enemies to death, Soviet spies, African-Canadian crime lords, zombies, mummies, crooked circuses which use their lions to dispose of their murder victims, murderous Femmes Fatale, Mad Scientists, The Union of Criminals, the Witch of Blue Island, merciless child criminals, the Red-Eyed Buddha, the Viper (and later his wife), the Colossus, Death Cab #6, assassins who use a form of leprosy to kill, Muslim fanatics, cursed Indian jewels, and the Barons of the Mafia.

Brien appears in stories with titles like “Farewell, I Die,” “The Head of the Cannibal,” and “Scarface.”

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