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Brantyngham, Sir Richard Thorreston. Sir Richard Thorreston Brantyngham was created by Vincent Cornier (Barnabas Hildreth) and appeared in seven stories in The Story Teller in 1929, beginning with “The Ball Called ‘Good-I’-God’” (The Story Teller, Apr. 1929).

Sir Richard Thorreston Brantyngham is a member of the British Secret Service during World War One, and serves honorably and well in fighting the Germans. In the decade after the war, Brantyngham remains with the Service, as does his aide and Watson, Martin Collingsby, and together they solve a number of strange crimes, including the centuries’ old mystery of how Collingsby’s ancestor really died, and how a man died of a bullet made of frozen ice. (Several of Brantyngham’s cases verge on the fantastic).

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