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Brant, Hector. Hector Brant was created by F.H. Bolton and appeared in “Under the Edge of the Earth” (Boy’s Own Paper, Mar. 29-Sept. 27, 1913); the serial was collected as Under the Edge of the Earth (1913).

Hector Brant is the science master at a British boys’ school. He’s a very capable scientist and inventor whose nickname is “the Wizard.” Dennis Hutton, one of Brant’s students disappears, and Brant and Leonard Morris, another student, go looking for Hutton. After a time Brant uses his new invention, a machine for picking up distant light, to focus on the other side of the Earth, and by chance he sees Hutton, who is a castaway in Patagonia. (Hutton had been kidnaped and put on a tramp steamer to South America). Brant informs the authorities about Hutton’s whereabouts, but then Brant’s lab collapses, leaving him blind and amnesiac.

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