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Bran. Bran was created by H.C. Bailey (Raoul Bomfortune, Joshua Clunk, Dick, Reginald Fortune) and appeared in at least five stories in Everybody’s Magazine in 1921, possibly beginning with “Tale of an Empress” (Everybody’s Magazine, May 1921); twenty-seven of the stories were collected in The Fool (1921). 

It is the year 1140. “From sea to sea in England there was no law; what a man could not hide the sword took from him; what could be hidden torture dragged from him; and over many shire there was no meat nor milk nor corn for common folk, and they lived in holes upon acorns and beech-mast like swine.” In this unhappy time and place lives Bran, a short jester with a lean frame, broad shoulders, and huge head and hands. He is a clever, nimble jester, and amuses the marauding soldiers and warlords of the time, surviving by his wits until, at long last, the French invade and impose peace on the squabbling, vicious English.

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