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Bradford, Brick. Brick Bradford was created by William Ritt and Clarence Gray and appeared in the comic strip “Brick Bradford” (1933-1987) and the film serial Brick Bradford (1947).

In its heyday “Brick Bradford” was one of the classic adventure comic strips. Originally Brick Bradford is a Kentuckian adventurer and troubleshooter for the world's foremost scientists; he is an "aviator, explorer, soldier, costumed avenger, confidante of physicists, gentleman sleuth, and sometimes even a cowboy." He travels across the world in search of adventure and buried treasure. He has a wide range of fantasy-tinged adventures, including discovering underwater cities deep beneath Andean lakes and fighting a sect of assassins trying to take over the world. In 1934 Ritt and Gray stepped up matters, and Bradford’s adventures went into full-bore science fantasy mode, with Bradford discovering futuristic cities, lost cities, Lost Races, lost dinosaurs, lost princesses, and just about everything else it was possible to find. The following year Ritt and Gray created a companion strip, “The Time Top,” and although the strip lasted for less than a year the eponymous creation, a “chronosphere,” was brought into “Brick Bradford” by Ritt and Gray and given to Bradford, who uses it to travel in time from the dawn of life on Earth to the end of time and to all points in between, with Bradford fighting his way through the highest of high tech and the most barbaric of primitive societies. Bradford saves the world from a gang of submarine pirates, fights Vikings in the Arctic, stops a Mongol invasion of America, fights bacteria while at subatomic size (thanks to the "Shrinking Sphere" that Bradford gets from his scientist friend Kalla Kopak), fights desert raiders with the French Foreign Legion, stops a Mad Scientist's robot army, and test-pilots an experimental airplane into a lost world of dinosaur-riding warriors at the South Pole.

Although Bradford has no real sidekicks, on occasion he is assisted by the scientists Kalla Kopak and Horatio Southern. In several stories Bradford is helped by his friend, the brash Bucko O'Brien, and sometimes Bradford is accompanied by June Salisbury, the stalwart daughter of Dr. Horatio Salisbury, or by April Southern, the fearless daughter of Dr. Southern, the inventor of the Time Top.

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