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Boy Aviators. The Boy Aviators were created by “Captain Wilbur Lawton,” the pseudonym of John H. Goldfrap (Border Boys, Bungalow Boys, Dreadnought Boys, Motor Cycle Chums, Motor Rangers, Ocean Wireless Boys), and appeared in the eight-volume “Boy Aviators” series, beginning with The Boy Aviators in Nicaragua (1910) and ending with Boy Aviators with the Air Raiders (1915).

The Boy Aviators are Frank and Harry Chester and Billy Barnes. Frank and Harry Chester are brothers who are enthusiastic about aviation and its potential for adventure; Barnes is the Chesters’ friend and a newspaper reporter who chronicles their exploits. The Boy Aviators use a technologically-advanced aircraft, the Golden Eagle, to travel around the world. They hunt for ivory in the elephants' graveyard in Africa; they are blown into the Sargasso Sea during an air race, where they find the manned ships of dozens of countries from every era, including the macabre Rat Ship; they fight the advanced planes of the Germans in the skies over the battlefields of Europe during World War One; they go to the Antarctic on a U.S. Polar Expedition Ship, the Southern Cross, and fight their way through "Japanese Manchurian" soldiers to find a frozen Viking ship and a group of ferocious creatures living in a volcanic lake; they uncover a "golden galleon" of sunken Spanish treasure; they work with the American Secret Service; and they help a group of rebels in Nicaragua.

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