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Boswell, Dick. Dick Boswell was created by Fred MacIsaac (Pete Crane, Fred Leonard, Rambler Murphy, King J. Nelson, Pagneomon, Bill Peepe) and appeared in “World Brigands” (Argosy All-Story, June 30-Aug 4, 1928).

In the future year of 1940 Europe is ready to go to war. There is tension between the individual countries, and all of them are unhappy with the amount of money they are paying to the United States in war debts. A revolution seems likely, so the most powerful and wealthy European financiers decide to launch a sneak attack on America, seizing the wealth of the east coast and holding the cities for ransom. But several Americans suspect that the crafty Old Worlders are up to something, and Dick Boswell, the son of a Detroit aircraft manufacturer, is among them. He is sent to London and pretends to be a playboy cad for long enough to come to the attention of Sir Augustus Tuttle, the leader of the evil European conspiracy. He succeeds, but the momentum toward war grows. The Americans begin spreading rumors that they possess a super-weapon, which gives the Europeans pause. Boswell leads a raid on the conspirators, captures them at Tuttle’s estate, and flies them to the Nevada desert, where they see an atomic explosion. The Europeans are offered an ultimatum: complete disarmament in exchange for not being utterly destroyed. The Europeans agree, and all is well.

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