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Bosu, Arindam. Arindam Bosu was created by the Indian author Panchkori Dey (Gobindoram, Jumelia, Debendra Bijoy Mitra) and appeared in at least six novels from 1900 to at least 1905, possibly beginning with Jadugarni Manorma ya Panc Khun.

Arindam Bosu is a Great Detective modeled on Sherlock Holmes. Bosu is an open Holmes lift, with a very Dr. Watson-like sidekick, Dr. Bose, but Bosu is active in India as often as he is in England or France. As well, Bosu’s enemies are usually Indian, including Jumelia. Bosu is quite capable as a detective and shows no compunctions about setting lethal traps for criminals who have attempted to kill him.

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