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Bomba (I). Bomba (I) was created by “Roy Rockwood,” a Stratemeyer Syndicate house name which was used in this case by John W. Duffield (Army Boys, Radio Boys (I)), and appeared in the twenty-volume “Bomba the Jungle Boy” series, beginning with Bomba the Jungle Boy (1926) and ending with Bomba the Jungle Boy in the Steaming Grotto (1938); Bomba also appeared in eleven films, from 1949 through 1955.

Bomba is a Jungle Hero. Bomba (I) is a fourteen-year-old boy who is found in the jungles of Brazil, in the upper Amazon, by Cody Casson, an elderly naturalist and botanist. Casson teaches Bomba English and raises him, but Casson falls prey to an amnesia-causing fever, leaving Bomba to search for his parents. (After ten novels Bomba discovered that they were the Bartows, a famous painter and opera singer pair). Bomba is a handsome white boy, bronzed and well-muscled and skilled in the ways of the jungle, from swinging through the jungle on vines to shooting arrows to cozying up to the local tribe, the Araos. Bomba also has his savage side and thinks nothing of killing pumas, snakes, and jaguars. He can also communicate with the animals, especially the apes which live near him. Bomba's animal friends are Kiki and Woowoo, two parrots, Doto the monkey, and Polulu the puma. Bomba's arch-enemy is Nascarora, chief of the local tribe of head hunters.

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