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Bodman, Guncat. Guncat Bodman was created by W. Ryerson Johnson (Shooting Gallery Kid, Len Siringo) and appeared in sixteen stories in Street and Smith’s Western Story Magazine from 1940 to 1943, beginning with “The Red X Brand” (Street and Smith’s Western Story Magazine, Jan. 27, 1940).

Guncat Bodman is a Killer Vigilante. Charles “Guncat” Bodman is the “youngest marshal west of Dodge City, Kansas.” He has a particularly bad case of wanderlust and though always looking for a place to settle down never seems to find it. Instead, he travels from town to town, taming the wilder villages and acting when he has to as each town and area’s “unofficial executioner.” He doesn’t enjoy killing, but he does it “so other men could live.” He is handsome, a master of the gun trade, and is known for his “cat crouch.”

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