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Blunt, Hannibal. Hannibal Blunt was created by the German author Dr. Adrian Mohr (Rolf Rodewald) and appeared in Hannibal Blunt, der Schrecken der Verbrecherwelt #1-50 (1921-1922).

Hannibal Blunt is an English Great Detective, although the stories vary on whether he is a Sexton Blake-like consulting detective or a policeman working for Commissioner Robert Pitt. The stories also vary in tone, from fantastic, world-ranging cases, such as an encounter with a group of Martians from H.G. Wells’ The War of the Worlds (1897), a Femme Fatale movie star, a living mummy, Mad Scientists ("The Wonder Doctor," the maker of the "Hell Machine"), a School for Crime, and a Lost Race city beneath the floor of the ocean, to more mundane crimes, like collapsing undersea tunnels and dynamite ships on fire. Blunt appears in stories with titles like “The False Master Detective,” “The Treasure in the Irish Sea,” “The King of the Gamblers.”

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