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Bleke, Robert. Robert Bleke was created by William Le Queux (Raoul Becq, Villiers Beethom-Saunders, Delmasso & Bray, Count Bindo di Ferraris, Theodore Drost, John Durston, Beryl Gaselee, Claud Heathwaite, William Le Queux, Allan Maclean, Antoine Martin, Harry Nettlefield, Gerry Sant) and appeared in eight stories which were collected in Bleke The Butler (1923).

Robert Bleke is a “butler of the old school…in his capacity of confidential servant he encounters romance, drama, even intrigue. From the service of a duke he descended to that of other employers after the War—employers less exalted and less reputable—with whom life, if not so dignified, was more exciting.” Bleke likes to quote Shakespeare, speaks French well, and has the misfortune to hire himself out, on several occasions, to thieves, but he always helps the police catch them.

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