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Black Abbot. The Black Abbot was created by G.H. Teed (Sexton Blake, Sampson Parr, Grant Rushton, Shadow Crook) and appeared in six stories in Modern Wonder in 1938, beginning with “The Diamond Dragon” (Modern Wonder, May 7, 1938).

The Black Abbot is the second in command to the hutukhtu, the “living Buddha,” in Tai-Ping Monastery in Tibet. The Abbot is the keeper of the “golden key of the sacred golden book of the order of the Silver Lakes.” Unfortunately, the Abbot is the first monk in centuries to fall prey to the temptation of mundane things, and he sells himself to Prince Wu Fang of the Black Valley Tong, the Yellow Peril arch-enemy of Sexton Blake. The Abbot repeatedly tries to steal the sacred diamond dragon of the Silver Lakes order, but every time he is foiled by Bob Kilgour, the white British leader of the order, and by the monks themselves.

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