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Black Moth. The Black Moth was created by the Australian creator Anthony Scott Veitch and appeared in the radio serial The Black Moth (1939-1940).

The Black Moth is a mysterious, tuxedo-clad Costumed Avenger Killer Vigilante Lupin. “Who is this daring, adventurous, modern Robin Hood who plunders the rich to give to the poor? Scotland Yard wants him! Newspapers hound him!” The Black Moth’s symbol is the silhouette of a black moth, which he leaves behind at the scenes of his crimes. He is based in London but is active in England, the Continent, Australia, and even the jungles of Africa. He fights German spies and blackmailers, among others, and is just as happy to kill his enemies as to see them put in jail. His civilian identity is upper-class race-car enthusiast Dennis Carcraft, and his Lestrade is Detective-Sergeant Smithers.

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