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Black Bird. Black Bird was created by "Harald West," the pseudonym of the German author Elisabeth von Aspern (Wolf Greif, Tom Shark, Tom Silvan), and appeared in Black Bird - der Schwarze Vogel von Scotland Yard #1-33 (1933-1934).

Black Bird is an English Great Detective modeled on Tom Shark. Black Bird is not Holmesian in appearance, instead wearing a tuxedo and bearing a pencil-thin mustache. Black Bird’s adventures are chronicled by his best friend, an English physician named Harald West, and are often (but not always) set in London. Some of his stories verge on the fantastic, as when he encounters an apparently cursed papyrus document, and “The Devil’s Drill,” when he fights an enemy who uses a Black Sapper-like vehicle to bore through the earth. He also fights Yellow Perils (the "Uncanny Chinese"), and in Black Bird #27, "Baker Street 13," Black Bird solves a crime set at the home of the "late Sherlock Holmes.” Black Bird appears in stories with titles like “The Uncanny Laugh,” “The Lion of Flanders,” and “The Black King.”

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