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Biggs, Lancelot. Lancelot Biggs was created by Nelson S. Bond (Horse-Sense Hank, Jessifer, Lobblies, Meg the Priestess, Pat Pending, Anne Rogers, Squaredeal Sam, Chip Warren) and appeared in fourteen stories in Fantastic Adventures, Amazing, and Weird Tales from 1939 to 1943, beginning with “F.O.B. Venus” (Fantastic Adventures, Nov. 1939); the stories were collected in The Remarkable Exploits of Lancelot Biggs, Spaceman (1950).

Lancelot Biggs is a tall, lanky, ungraceful spaceman. He is the nephew of Prendergast Biggs, the Vice President of the Interplanetary Corporation, and Lancelot uses his uncle’s pull to get appointments on ships on the Venus cargo run. Unfortunately, Biggs is a well-meaning bumbling incompetent with far too much curiosity and book-learning for his own good, and this leads to all sorts of zany hijinks.

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