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Belsidus, Dr. Dr. Belsidus was created by George Schuyler (Dr. Cranfield, Walter Crummel, Sadiu Mattchu, Gail Reddick, Dick Welland) and appeared in “The Black Internationale” (Pittsburgh Courier, Nov. 1936-July 1937) and “Black Empire” (Pittsburgh Courier, Oct. 1937-Apr 1938).

Dr. Belsidus was originally a humble man from the Muni River Settlements in “Spanish Guinea” (now Equatorial Guinea) who was noticed by a colonial official and sent to school in Spain. While working at an aircraft factory in Barcelona, making airplane engines, Belsidus was recruited into the Black Internationale, a secret global organization of black professionals dedicated to throwing whites out of Africa. Belsidus becomes their leader. For them he creates a technologically-advanced air force (led by a fetching aviatrix, Patricia Givens), and with the help of SCIENCE! of his own creation, including death rays, solar power, and hydroponics, Belsidus and the Black Internationale invade Africa and drive Whitey out. Some may call Belsidus mad, but he disagrees:

My son, all great schemes appear mad in the beginning. Christians, Communists, Fascists and Nazis were at first called scary. Success made them sane. With brains, courage and wealth even the most fantastic scheme can become a reality. I have dedicated my life, Slater, to destroying white world supremacy. My ideal and objective is very frankly to cast down Caucasians and elevate the colored people in their places. I plan to do this by every means within my power. I intend to stop at nothing, Slater, whether right or wrong. Right is success. Wrong is failure. I will not fail because I am ruthless. Those who fail are them men who get sentimental, who weaken, who balk at a little bloodshed. Such vermin deserve to fail. Every great movement the world has ever seen has collapsed because it grew weak. I shall never become weak, nor shall I ever tolerate weakness around me. Weakness means failure, Slater, and I do not intend to fail.

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