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Beati Paoli. The Beati Paoli were created by “William Galt,” the pseudonym of the Italian author Luigi Natoli, and appeared in “I Beati Paoli” (Giornale di Sicilia, May 6 1909-Jan 2 1910) and in Coriolano della Floresta (1930).

The Beati Paoli are Costumed Avengers. The Beati Paoli were supposedly a real group in the 17th and 18th centuries in Italy, a secretive sect along the lines of the Freemasons and the Illuminati. There's no way of knowing for sure whether they really existed or not, and if they did what they aimed for. In “I Beati Paoli” the Beati Paoli are a fraternity of secret knights pledged to fight for good and to overthrow the power of both the Church and the Italian government. The novel is set in Palermo from 1698 to 1719 and makes use of Gothic trappings (secret passageways, hooded masterminds, and the like), historical figures, and real locations in Palermo. The Beati Paoli, possibly named after "Beato Paola," Saint Francis of Paolo, are a group of hooded "avengers," working for the common people against the Inquisition, its spies, and the Austrian government, which controlled the Sicilian crown. The Beati Paoli are headquartered in the Capo district of Palermo and use various tunnels, sewers, and hidden passageways to navigate the city. They work by night, dress all in black and wearing hoods which concealed their faces.

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