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Bazán, Jaime. Jaime Bazán was created by the Spanish creator José Canellas Casals (Amiel, Armando, Black (III), Carlos and Marcos Bon, Bronkos, César, Judit, Mario, Nick, Red Circle, Rin-Tin-Tin (I), Sam, Sankro, Spaceman (II), Titán (II), Toby, Capitán Velez, Mack Wan, Fernando Zabal, Zimbra, Khun Zivan) and appeared in the comic Jaime Bazán #1-9 (1940).

Jaime Bazán is a heroic Spanish aviator who finds adventure around the world in the company of his lover Margarita. Bazán fights jetpack wielding techno-thieves, ray-gun-wielding Mad Scientists, skyscraper-sized city-destroying robots, Yellow Peril pirates known as the Red Dragon (and his fleet of junks), and dinosaurs in an underground world. Bazán appears in stories with titles like “The Valley of Hell,” “The Assault on the Convoy of Gold,” and “The Phantom X.”

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