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Baxter, John. John Baxter appeared in the German dime novel John Baxter der Detektiv #1-50 (1929-1932); the series was reprinted in the Netherlands in 1929.

John Baxter der Detektiv is a spin-off of the Lord Lister series; in the latter Inspector Baxter is the hapless Scotland Yard detective who is eternally unsuccessful in his pursuit of Lord Lister. In John Baxter der Detektiv Baxter is markedly more successful in fighting crime. Baxter travels around the world, from Berlin to Melanesia, where he fights cannibals, to Transylvania, where he fights a vampire. He fights Mad Scientists, "the Pearl of Death," a Femme Fatale ("the Demon Woman"), a werewolf, the "Brahmin's Dagger," canniablistic Melanesians, a "Lilliputian group" of tiny people, and "the Wicked Fiend." In John Baxter #33 he attends the wedding of Nic Pratt, and in #38 Baxter fights Lord Lister. Baxter appears in stories with titles like “The Ghost on D Train," “Who Is My Murderer?” and “A Lilliputian Group.”

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