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Baxter, Galahad. Galahad Baxter was created by “Lawrence Treat,” the pseudonym of Lawrence Arthur Goldstone (Jub Freeman, Carl Wayward), and appeared in twelve stories in Ten Detective Aces from 1939 to 1942, beginning with “Murder Isn’t For Sissies” (Ten Detective Aces, May 1939).

Paul W. “Galahad” Baxter is a Bellem. In his first appearance he is a detective for a New York City agency, but a case brings him to Memphis, which he finds corrupt but intriguing, and he decides to stay there, with future stories showing him active in Memphis and New Orleans. Although he’s described as having “romance in his heart and death in his hand,” in behavior he is “not ingratiating” and is often deliberately abrasive. “Not tall, but well set up. Not handsome, but vivid, with flare and with punch in the way he spoke, in the way his dark eyes gleamed, with an impression of depth, of purpose.”

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