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Batouk. Batouk was created by the French author Max-André Dazergues and appeared in Batouk, le Roi de la Forêt Vierge #1-18 (1945-1946).

Batouk is a brave, noble young native of the French colony in Niger. In the years before World War Two Batouk helps patriotic French colonial agents and Africa Hands keep the peace in Niger and elsewhere in Africa. Batouk is “intrepid” and “courageous” and tries to protect poor Africans whenever he can. He knows the jungles, rivers, and savannahs intimately, and is a great tracker. He is “strong as an elephant, cunning as a monkey, agile as an antelope, knows the plants that kill and the plants that heal. He is a wizard, a genius, a warrior.” Batouk appears in stories with titles like “The Boat of Sorcerers,” “The Stranglers of Dahomey” and “The Island of Leopards.”

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