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Bates, Judge. Judge Bates was created by Lee Floren (Buckshot McKee, Funeral O’Neill) and appeared in twenty-two short stories and at least six novels from 1940 to 1981, beginning with “Judge Bates’ Boothill Recess” (Big-Book Western Magazine, Dec. 1940).

Judge Emmanuel “Lem” Bates is a judge in a small town in the American west during the present day, but he is an older man who dreams of the “hectic days of speedier justice when men settled differences with smashing knuckles and smoking guns.” When trouble strikes, he’s quite willing to strap on his .45 Colts and personally investigate matters, and even administer Colonel Colt’s Justice. His old friend and sidekick is the ‘baccy-chawing Tobacco Jones, postmaster of the town in which they both live. The Judge has “ponderous bulk” and likes to drink a great deal of Rawhide Star whiskey.

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