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Barrington, John H. John H. Barrington was created “John H. Harvey,” the pseudonym of John H. Barrington, and appeared in thirteen novels from 1928 to 1937, beginning with With the French Foreign Legion in Syria. Harvey claimed to have served with distinction in the French Foreign Legion, and the John H. Barrington novels are purportedly fictionalized accounts of Harvey’s exploits.

John H. Barrington is a Legionnaire. He is a “Secret Service Operator” for the Legion; he works as a "a spy, on Arab and Legionnaire alike, a member of that organisation which even the officers fear -- Espionnage Centrale,” the espionage branch of the Legion. The Espionnage Centrale is the greatest spy service in the world, and is ruthless in its treatment of both Arabs and French. Barrington and his best friend, the American McCann, have a series of adventures in the various countries of North Africa, putting down revolutions and fighting both Arabs and French.

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