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Barnes, Bill. Bill Barnes was created by "George Eaton," the pseudonym of Major Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson, Henry W. Ralston (Avenger (II), Doc Savage), and F. Orlin Tremaine (Easy Bart, Jalu), and appeared in eighty-three stories in Bill Barnes, Air Adventurer, Bill Barnes, Air Trails, Bill Barnes, and Doc Savage, from 1934 to 1943, beginning with “Hawks of the Golden Crater” (Bill Barnes, Air Adventurer, Feb. 1934).

Bill Barnes is a top pilot who works from an airfield on Long Island in New York, fighting against crime and evil. Barnes is a pleasant chap who has a group of swell chums to assist him. There is the teenaged Sandy Sanders, who is an exceptional pilot; Shorty Hassfurther, the short, “stalky” World War One ace; Bev Bates, the Bostonian; and “Scotty” MacCloskey and Tony Lampert, Barnes’ mechanics. (Barnes’ friends do not always survive his adventures; at least three of them, one his close friend Cy Hawkins, a Texan, are killed in action). Barnes flies a number of planes, from the stubby fighter Bumblebee to the very advanced Charger. Many of these are shot down or stolen or otherwise destroyed, causing Barnes and his friends no small amount of financial headaches until they can win a race or find lost treasure or otherwise gain some operating funds. After Pearl Harbor is bombed Barnes goes to work for G-2 fighting against the Germans. Among his enemies were Otto Yahr, in his fighter plane the Dragon; Yako, a Yakuza-like Japanese organization; the Black Ghost; the Burton Hawks; Mordecai Murphy, the “Saver of Souls;” the Moon God; and miniature silver robot planes.

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