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Barbarroja. Yakupoglu Hizir (c. 1478-1546) was a Turkish cavalryman who became a sailor and ultimately a Pasha and First Admiral of the Ottoman Navy. He was known as “Barbarossa” (Red Beard) to the Europeans he fought. In 1931 he appeared as the protagonist of Barbarroja. La Fiera del Mar #1-15, which was written by the Spanish creator “Hugo Reyd” (Buccaneers (II), Cabriola, Courier, the Dagger, Fermin de Castro, Five Invincibles, Florian, Jack & Dolly, Captain Lucifer, Millionaire Adventurer, Montbars (III), Bill Navarro, Raul (I), Rin-Tin-Tin, Rob-Roy, Sanson, Santana, Sinmiedo, Tit, Titan (I), Jack Wills). The fictional Barbarroja is far more cruel and evil than the historical Yakupoglu Hizir.

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