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Bai Suying. Bai Suying was created by the Chinese creator Zhang Huimin (Detective’s Wife) and appeared in the film Nüxia Bai Meigui (1929).

Bai Suying is a Nüxia/Wüxia. She is a top student at the Women’s Sports Academy. “Because she likes wearing a white rose on her blouse and intervenes in any injustice, her classmates honor her with the nickname, ‘the Female Knight-Errant White Rose.’” Bai receives a letter from her father informing her that their family farm has been the target of local bandits. Bai puts on male clothing, including a cowboy hat and a mustache, and goes to the farm, taking with her a bow and a sword. She pretends to be Bai Tiemin, her sickly brother, and pursues the bandits, who are clad in cowboy attire, and defeats them in combat.

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