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Baines, Carfax. Carfax Baines was created by William Murray Graydon (Sexton Blake, Derek Clyde, Fenlock Fawn, Gordon Fox, Abel Link, Matthew Quin, Will Spearing) and appeared in at least twenty-four stories in Budget Story Book and Nelson Lee Library from the late 1890s to 1923; sixteen of the stories were collected in Carfax Baines: His Strange and Remarkable Exploits (1899).

Carfax Baines is a Great Detective. He operates out of London, although his adventures take him around the world. In his first incarnation, in the 1890s, he is modeled on Sherlock Holmes, but in his second incarnation in the 1920s he is much closer to Sexton Blake. Baines is Watsoned by the capable Detective-Inspector Spink.

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