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Ashton-Kirk. Ashton-Kirk was created by John T. McIntyre (Jerry Mooney, Young Continentals) and appeared in six stories, four short story collections, and three films from 1910 to 1923, beginning with “The Singular Experience of Ashton-Kirk” (The Popular Magazine, July 15, 1910).

Ashton-Kirk is a Great Detective and is one of the more obvious Sherlock Holmes homages in detective fiction. Ashton-Kirk is much younger than Holmes, being only in his mid-twenties, and is the scion of wealth and an ancient line. Ashton-Kirk has an excellent physique and incisive mind, and is capable of feats of deduction quite similar to Holmes' own. Like Holmes, Ashton-Kirk has a talent for disguise and amateur theatrics, and has a Watson-like assistant. Ashton-Kirk lives in a New York City row house in a bad section of town, but he has filled his home with rare books and art. Ashton-Kirk’s relationship with the police is a good one; they rely on him completely to solve the tough (and not so tough) crimes.

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