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Arizona Jim. Arizona Jim appeared in the Spanish dime novels El Sheriff #1-200? (1929-1935), Aventuras Ineditas de Arizona Jim #1-4 (1936), El Intrepido Arizona #1-24 (1942), and Arizona #1-41 (1959).

Arizona Jim is the sheriff of a town in Arizona. He fights crime with his six-shooters, but his exploits take place during the modern era, and eventually Arizona Jim’s cases take him outside of Arizona and even the United States. Many issues of El Sheriff verge on the fantastic. Arizona Jim fights a number of supernatural evils, duels with Fu Manchu (I), and captures the Nautilus of Captain Nemo. Arizona Jim is assisted by the Chinese teenager Pete (II). In the last issue of El Sheriff Arizona Jim is killed, a development ignored in later stories. He appears in stories with titles like “The Worshipers of the Serpent,” “Octopus the Mysterious,” and “The Terrorists in Green.”

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