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Aporius, Wenzel. Wenzel Aporius was created by the German author Otfird von Hanstein (Elektropolis) and appeared in Die Farm der Verschollenen (1924).

Wenzel Aporius is a brilliant inventor known as “the German Edison.” In 1914 he and his associates are chased by Allied ships and shipwrecked off the coast of the Yucatan. In 1919 Aporius' daughter Lena, who has not heard from her father since the shipwreck, is on a plane which crashes in the Yucatan. She and the narrator travel through the jungle and discover that giant machines are robotically farming thousands of acres of land. Lena eventually comes to a central building which is full of technologically advanced devices, but no humans. Lena finds her father’s diary and reads his story. He and his associates survived the shipwreck and set up their equipment in the jungle. Their equipment, which is of the SCIENCE! variety, turned the jungle into bountiful farmland, but yellow fever killed most of Aporius’ comrades. After World War One ended most of the survivors returned to Germany. Lena finds her father trapped in a building which was destroyed by an out-of-control machine. Aporius has been driven insane, but Lena takes him to Havana and the farm in the jungle is left to continue on its way.

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